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Argo Avenger For Sale In Chatham Ontario

Argo XTVs’ are known for their ability to get you where you need to go, both on and off land. Ideal for use in both commercial and recreational settings, Argo XTV's are versatile and dependable. With so many options to choose from, it can be tough to narrow down which Argo XTV is right for you. If you want an Argo that lets you conquer any adventure, the Argo Avenger may be right for you.

At Bob’s Motorsports, we are always here to help you choose the Argo XTV that will meet your performance needs and exceed your expectations. As one of the select Argo dealerships in Canada, we are proud to bring you Argos top of the line XTVs. See our current Argo Avengers’ for sale and get yourself the Avenger XTV of your dreams.


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Is the Argo Avenger Ideal for Commercial Use?

The Argo Avenger is a seriously fun XTV for recreation. But it can also be used in a wide range of commercial applications too. Rugged, durable, and undeniably capable the Argo Avenger will take you wherever you wish to be and depending on the model you choose, will offer you the capability you desire. Other great commercial options include the Argo Aurora and Argo Conquest series. Contact us today to discuss which Argo Avenger model is best suited for your needs.

How Many Passengers Does the Argo Avenger Accommodate?

The Argo Avenger will generally accommodate six passengers on land. In water, capacity is lower for any Argo model, but the Avenger can typically accommodate four passengers in water. This makes the Argo Avenger a great choice for anyone who regularly needs to transport multiple passengers.

Can I Add Accessories to an Argo Avenger?

Argo makes a wide selection of accessories to enhance your XTV experience. The Avenger series of XTVs offers accessory options such as a convertible top to keep you covered. Contact us today to discuss accessory options and let us help you ensure your Argo has everything you need to get the job done.


Low or bad credit does not mean that you cannot obtain financing. Let us help make financing easier. Contact us today to discuss your financing needs or consider filling out our online financing application. We are here to help you source and secure the Argo XTV you need.