How to Prevent ATV Theft

How to Prevent ATV Theft

It’s an unfortunate truth that ATVs’ are a popular target for theft. As they are a small yet valuable piece of equipment, thieves may target your ATV if they discover it to be easily accessible and in their mind “open for the taking.” Though we wish everyone could be honest, this simply is not the case. Thankfully, there are things you can do to help prevent ATV theft.

At Bob’s Motorsports, we are passionate about all things used and new ATVs. We want to help you make the most of your outdoor experience and that means helping you protect yourself from ATV theft too. See our tips below for what you can do to help prevent the theft of your ATV.

  • Store Your ATV Securely – if you have the option to keep your ATV stored securely, this can be your best line of defence against ATV theft. If your property allows you to keep your ATV in your garage or locked in a shed, this is a great way to keep your ATV out of sight and safe.
  • Install Tamper Alarms – installing a car or tamper alarm can help to alert you of a potential theft and discourage a theft from taking place. This isn’t a foolproof solution but it can ward off an unsuspecting thief.
  • Keep Your ATV Chained – if you must keep your ATV in plain sight, consider changing and locking it to a post or other unmovable object as you would with a bicycle. Keep in mind that changing it to a small tree or something that can be broken will defeat the purpose of this step.
  • Park Your ATV Close to Home – keeping your ATV close to home and in a well-light area may deter someone from attempting to steal your ATV. If you have a dog, this may also contribute to someone choosing to avoid your ATV.
  • Remove a Necessary Fuse – you can temporarily disable your ATV by removing a fuse. This will make your ATV impossible to start, but this may not prevent theft if someone is able to move your ATV off your property without turning it on.
  • Consider Installing Security Cameras – security cameras won’t necessarily stop someone from stealing an ATV, but they may act as a deterrent. In the event that your ATV is stolen, video recordings may be helpful in identifying the thief.

What Should I Do If My ATV is Stolen?

If your ATV is stolen, you’ll need to contact your local police service to report the theft. You will want to avoid disturbing the area where your ATV was stolen from in the case that police wish to take pictures or collect evidence. It is a good idea to keep your VIN number available if you need to report a theft.

If you have insured your ATV, report the theft to your insurance company and provide the police report if applicable. It is always a good idea to have your ATV serial number available for police reports and insurance purposes. Consider ensuring your ownership documents are easily accessible and you know where the serial number is.


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