Ontario's ATV Buyer's Guide

If you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, you'll love having your own ATV to ride. An All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is similar to a motorcycle, with a seat that the operator straddles and handlebars for steering. But while a motorcycle has two tires, ATVs use four low-pressure tires for extra stability at low speeds. They're also known as quad bikes (or quads), four-wheelers, or off-road vehicles. With a wide selection of new and used ATVs for sale from top brands like Yamaha and Suzuki, it's easy to find the perfect vehicle to fit your active lifestyle.

Ontario's ATV Buyer's Guide

Why You Need an ATV 

As the name suggests, an ATV is the ultimate outdoor vehicle for all-terrain riding. Their low-pressure tires, expertly designed suspension frames, and four-wheel drive capabilities allow them to handle everything from carefully maintained trails to rugged terrain. They'll help you reach secluded hunting and fishing spots during any season. These ATVs for hunting or fishing then allow you to effortlessly transport your game animals or fish home to cook. They're also ideal for leisurely afternoons spent riding the ATV trails.

While often used for recreation, off-road vehicles are also incredibly useful when completing farm work or outdoor chores. They'll allow you to cross yards or fields quickly, even when the ground is rocky, snowy, muddy, or otherwise uneven. Load them up with supplies when building a cabin, shed, or other structure, or use them to bring back chopped firewood or the day's harvest. If you choose a heavy Yamaha or Suzuki ATV with high-performance tires, you can also add a plow to the front to turn it into an easy-to-use snow plow, a must-have for Ontario winters.

Are ATVs Safe? 

Like any motor vehicle, ATVs are safe when operated properly. The same features that allow the vehicles to handle rugged terrain can also make them difficult to turn and steer at high speeds, so it's important to practice at slow speeds first. It's recommended to take an off-road vehicle safety course and never ride beyond your skill and comfort levels.

ATV owners should also familiarize themselves with the Ontario road rules for all-terrain vehicles. Registered ATVs are only permitted to ride on certain roads, including highways 500 to 899. Double-check the bylaws for your area before riding on provincial highways or municipal roads. On-road riders must also have a valid Ontario driver's licence at the G2 or M2 level (or higher), wear a proper helmet, carry no passengers, and follow the speed limit (which is different for ATVs than for cars and trucks).

Safely operating an ATV also requires riders to adhere to the max loading capacities for the front and back racks and not exceed the towing capacities. Overloading your quad bike is unsafe for the driver and can cause damage to the vehicle. Most ATVs are also meant for one passenger only, so always ride alone unless using one specifically built for two passengers. If you're taking a family trip to the trails, young riders should use kids ATVs (designed with kid-friendly performance and safety features) and only ride with proper supervision.

Yamaha ATVs for Sale 

Whether you're looking for a recreation vehicle or one to use for work, you'll find a range of incredible new and used options from Yamaha. Try out the affordable Yamaha Kodiak for all of your outdoor adventuring. These vehicles allow you to speed along the trails or haul supplies at home or on the farm. The Yamaha Grizzly is another top option, with an engine built for speed and sure to please recreational riders. Or, pick up the best-selling Yamaha Raptor, available with luxury features like big bore power and sporty ergonomics that riders of all skill levels will love. Yamaha Grizzly and Raptor ATVs also come in kid-friendly sizes for outdoor family fun.

Suzuki ATVs for Sale 

If you want an off-road vehicle designed for speed and comfort, look for premium new and used options from Suzuki. The exciting Suzuki KingQuad is the perfect option for thrill-seekers. These off-road vehicles offer exceptional performance when leisurely riding the trails or heading out to your favourite hunting or fishing spot. And with their strong frames and boosted towing capacities, they're also a top choice for tackling all of your outdoor chores. Lightweight Suzuki Quadsport ATVs for kids are also available with appropriate seats for young riders and increased safety features.

Prepare for season after season of outdoor fun with a premium new or used ATV, available from premier brands like Yamaha and Suzuki. When the proper safety precautions are followed, you'll enjoy safe and exciting trail rides and reliable help with yard work and farming tasks. And with kid-friendly styles also available, the whole family can work or adventure together.

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